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HTML 5 Applications Development

Course Outline
HTML 5 Applications Development Candidates for this exam are seeking to prove core HTML5 client application development skills that will run on today’s touch-enabled devices (PCs, tablets, and phones). Although HTML is often thought of as a web technology that is rendered in a browser to produce a UI, this exam focuses on using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop client applications.
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Understand the Platform Fundamentals. o packaging and the runtime environment: app
package, app container, credentials/permission sets, host process, leveraging existing HTML5 skills and
content for slate/tablet applications
• Manage the State of an Application.
o manage session state, app state, and persist state information; understand states of an application;
understand the differences between local and session storage
• Debug and Test an HTML5-Based, Touch-Enabled Application o touch gestures; understand which gestures you test
on a device
• Publish and Application to a Store.
o understand requirements for marketplace submissions
• Choose and Configure HTML5 Tags to Display Text Content.
• Choose and Configure HTML5 Tags to Display Graphics.
o when, why, and how to use Canvas; when, why, and how to use scalable vector graphics (SVG)
• Choose and Configure HTML5 Tags to Play Media.
o video and audio tags
• Choose and Configure HTML5 Tags to Organize Content and Forms.
o tables, lists, sections; semantic HTML
• Choose and Configure HTML5 Tags for Input and Validation. Understand the Core CSS Concepts.
o separating presentation from content – create content with HTML and style content with CSS; managing content flow -- inline vs. block flow; managing positioning of individual elements – float vs. absolute positioning; managing content overflow – scrolling, visible, and hidden; basic CSS styling • Arrange User Interface (UI) Content by Using CSS.
o using flexible box and grid layouts to establish content alignment, direction, and orientation; proportional scaling and use of “free scale” for elements within a flexible box or grid; ordering and arranging content; concepts for
using flex box for simple layouts and grid for complex layouts; grid content properties for rows and columns; using application templates
• Manage the Flow of Text Content by Using CSS.
o regions and using regions to flow text content between multiple <div> sections – content source, content container, dynamic flow, flow--into, flow--from, msRegionUpdate, msRegionOverflow, sGetRegionContent(); columns and hyphenation and using these CSS settings to optimize the readability of text; using “positioned floats” to create text flow around a floating object
• Manage the Graphical Interface by Using CSS.
o graphics effects -- rounded corners, shadows, transparency, background gradients, typography, and Web Open Font Format; 2D and 3D transformations – translate, scale, rotate, skew, and 3D perspective transitions and animations; SVG filter effects; Canvas)
• Manage and Maintain JavaScript.
o creating and using functions; using Windows Library for JavaScript, jQuery, and other third--party libraries
• Update the UI by Using JavaScript.
o locating/accessing elements; listening and responding to events; showing and hiding elements; updating the content of elements; adding elements
• Code Animations by Using JavaScript.
o using animation; manipulating the canvas; working with images, shapes, and other graphics
• Access Data Access by Using JavaScript.
o sending and receiving data; transmitting complex objects and parsing; loading and saving files; App Cache; datatypes; forms; cookies; localStorage
• Respond to the Touch Interface.
o gestures, how to capture and respond to gestures
• Code Additional HTML5 APIs.
o GeoLocation, Web Workers, WebSocket; File API
Price R4800.00
Including Vat (Per Person, Includes Manual, Dataset USB Excluding Exam Voucher. Exam Voucher Cost R890.0
Duration 5 Days (09:00 - 16:00)
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