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Adobe InDesign

Course Outline
Adobe InDesign Adobe conducted research to identify the foundational skills students need to effectively communicate using digital media tools. Based on feedback from educators, design professionals, businesses, and educational institutions around the world, the objectives cover entry-level skill expectations for print and digital media publishing.
Course Accreditation G-CITI Capacity Skills is a Authorized Certiport testing center

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Individuals who have earned an Adobe Certified Associate certification in Print & Digital Media Publication Using Adobe InDesign have demonstrated mastery of the following skills: Domain 1.0 Setting Project Requirements 1.1 Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for preparing print and digital media publications.
1.2 Summarize how designers make decisions about the type of content to include in a project, including considerations such as copyright, project fit, permissions, and licensing.
1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of project management tasks and responsibilities.
1.4 Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design plans.
Domain 2.0 Understanding Print and Digital Media Publications 2.1 Understand key terminology related to print and digital media publications.
2.2 Demonstrate knowledge of basic design principles and best practices employed in the print and digital media publication industry.
2.3 Demonstrate knowledge of typography and its use in the print and digital publication industry.
2.4 Demonstrate knowledge of color and its use in print and digital publications.
2.5 Demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate properties of print, web, and digital publication designs.
Domain 3.0 Understanding Adobe InDesign CC 3.1 Identify elements of the InDesign CC interface and demonstrate knowledge of their functions.
3.2 Define the functions of commonly used tools including selection tools, Frame tools, type tools, drawing tools, Line tool etc.
3.3 Navigate, organize, and customize the workspace.
3.4 Use non-printing design tools in the interface, such as rulers, guides, grids, bleeds, and slugs.
3.5 Demonstrate knowledge of layers.
3.6 Manage colors, swatches, and gradients.
3.7 Create, use, and manage object styles.
3.8 Create, use, and manage character and paragraph styles.
Domain 4.0 Creating Print and Digital Media Publications Using Adobe InDesign 4.1 Create a new project.
4.2 Create, manage, and use frames in a publication design.
4.3 Add text to a page layout.
4.4 Add graphic, image, and video content to a page layout.
4.5 Create special page elements using InDesign tools, such as a table of contents, an index, Library files, and previously placed content.
4.6 Add interactive elements such as hyperlinks, interactive media objects, HTML5, and video; and assign triggers for different actions.
Domain 5.0 Publish, Export, and Archive Page Layouts Using Adobe InDesign 5.1 Prepare publications for print.
5.2 Prepare page layouts for export to digital media publications such as multiscreen devices and FOLIO files for Digital Publishing Suite.
Price R4800.00
Including Vat (Per Person, Includes Manual, Dataset USB Excluding Exam Voucher. Exam Voucher Cost R890.0
Duration 5 Days (09:00 - 16:00)
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